As well as designing and building websites I also offer a training service for those who want to learn more about administrating their WordPress site, increasing search engine visibility and a wide range of other website related topics including:

  • Setting up a domain and web hosting
  • Adding and editing pages, posts and other content in WordPress
  • Working with WordPress themes and plugins
  • Creating an online shop using WooCommerce
  • Linking your website to social media
  • Improving search visibility
  • Running core and plugin updates
  • Creating backups

I usually run these sessions on a one-to-one basis although I’m happy to accommodate groups as required.

Training is charged at a rate of £35 per hour (minimum of one hour).

For more information or to book, please call 01869 249895 or email

I’d be happy to run through a typical session and answer any questions.

Teach and build

In some cases it is possible to build a new website from scratch in a session, providing content is prepared in advance and the concept is relatively simple, with training undertaken in the process. If you’re interested in this, I would strongly advise you call before booking to make sure it’s practical for your project. To give you an idea of what can be achieved in this scenario, visit This is a completely bespoke WordPress website built in one four-hour session.

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