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I’ve been building websites for my entire professional life but I love to learn new things. If I can bring in one of my other skills to help a project along, I will, and I dedicate a portion of my time to pro-bono work and volunteering.

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Jo Cox

How I started

I began coding websites when I was fourteen, back in the pre-broadband dark ages, and immediately fell in love with it. All I wanted to do was code, design, build computers, and listen to music. They’re still my passions today.

To gain more experience, I worked for larger agencies and software houses as a front end developer. I also worked pro-bono for local charities, building any website I could get my hands on so that I could hone my skills in HTML, CSS, PHP, and eventually WordPress. As time went on, WordPress became my specialism.

Where I am now

In 2022 I bought a house in Caerphilly and decided to split my time between South Wales and Oxfordshire. I’ve always loved Wales, and it was time for some new challenges.

I’ve already made a start on contacting local organisations to get back into pro-bono work, because I’ve seen how hard many charities and non-profits have been by the pandemic, and I’m looking forward to meeting other creatives and businesses as I settle in here. If you work in digital and want to meet for a coffee, drop me an email. I’d love to hear from you.


Jo Cox

A little more about me


In 2010 I co-founded a blog for women who wanted to get into music journalism, and I still write for it now. I’ve also published three novels, with a fourth in progress when work allows. Writing is great fun and has really helped me during the pandemic.


It seems to be impossible for me to have casual hobbies, so I currently play for three football teams and act as treasurer for one of those. I also run regularly, have tackled a few half marathons, and love to hike.


Away from designing websites, I’m also a keen photographer. For the past twelve years I’ve been shooting gigs and landscapes, although I do occassionally take on photography and videography projects for clients too. You can view my portfolio at jocoxphotography.co.uk.


She was fast, thorough and incredibly straightforward in her approach.

Tessa Lamb

She is always quick, efficient and gets you back on track whilst also calming you down.

Lisa Bentley

Excellent, efficient service from Jo. Highly recommend.

Xan Rice

In short, Jo is great value for money and easy to work with.

Vanessa Rhone

Jo was great, with a totally Can Do attitude and actually delivered the poster ahead of when we expected. There were a couple of edits we asked for which she turned around very quickly and to a high standard. Thanks Jo!

Charlotte Galloway, Cardiff Dragons