A lot of people like the idea of creating their own website, especially if they only need something simple. But many people get stuck on the details. They don’t know where to get hosting, how to install WordPress, where to get a theme from. Or they’ve got some way down the path and become stuck on the details.

A lot of people were approaching me with the same problems, and that’s why I started offering ‘teach and build’ sessions.

It’s worked very successfully. We sit down together and run the process of setting up a WordPress website together, from selecting a domain and hosting to installation, theme selection (or building a new one together if that’s more appropriate), entering content, installing plugins, and taking it live. At the end of the session you have a fully built and working WordPress website, as well as the knowledge to move forward and manage it.

These sessions usually last from 2-4 hours and the time can be spread over two appointments, charged at £35 per hour (the same as a standard training session). Please feel free to get in contact with any questions, or to check if this approach might be appropriate for your project.

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