Ad Hoc Updates

Changes made to your website as and when you need, with no ongoing contracts.

£15 per 15 minute block

Regular Maintenance

In some cases it might be desirable to have a regular maintenance contract, for example if you have no one within your organisation with the skills to deal with the day to day administration of your website, and this can be negotiated on an individual basis where it is appropriate.

Set WordPress Services

Keep your WordPress website running smoothly:

Core & Plugin Updates

Keeping your WordPress core and plugins up to date ensures you benefit from security patches, but if you don’t have the time to do this yourself I can run all updates once per month on your behalf.

£15 per month

Full Site Backups

A verified monthly backup of your site, stored externally, which can be restored as part of disaster recovery. More frequent backups, on a weekly or daily basis, can also be ordered where required.

£15 per month

Alternatively switch your web hosting and you'll be covered for backups at no extra cost. Find out more >

Disaster Recovery

If your site has been hacked I will remove any malware, viruses and malicious code, and then advise on and implement the measures that should be taken to minimise the chance of future attacks.

£60 set fee

Find out more >

For more information or to order, please call 01869 249895 or email